Wily Vancouver mayor Kennedy Stewart becomes latest Canadian politician to riff on Obama campaign slogan

Stewart's new electoral organization is called Forward Together

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      I'm one of those nerds who likes watching political campaign videos. And one of my favourites is the inspiring and well-produced anthem for Barack Obama's second term in 2012. It was called "Forward", which was also his campaign slogan.

      Check it out below.

      Forward: An Anthem for Obama's Second Term

      Two years later, Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson riffed on that same Forward theme on the way to his party's third successive victory.

      The "Go Forward With Vision" video showed Robertson briskly bounding up the stairs at the south end of the city hall grounds. It was kind of like how Obama used to always sprint up stairs when he was president.

      The next politician to wrap itself in the "Forward" slogan was Liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau when he was seeking his second term in 2019.

      Check out the video below.

      Justin Trudeau used the "Forward" slogan to beat back a challenge from the Andrew Scheer–led Conservatives in 2019.

      In 2016, the B.C. NDP latched onto the slogan by promoting the hashtag #BCNDPForward

      The Straight noted that it was a blatant copy of Vision Vancouver's "Forward" campaign slogan in 2014.

      "Vision Vancouver ripped it off from the Obama campaign in 2012," we pointed out. "It's not the freshest political message in a rapidly changing world."

      By 2020, NDP premier John Horgan's slogan was "Working for You". But he couldn't resist sometimes using the tagline "we'll keep B.C. moving forward for you."

      In this 2020 NDP video, John Horgan ended by saying that "together, we'll keep B.C. moving forward for everyone."

      Now, in 2022, there's another incumbent who's hoping that this very same word will propel him to reelection.

      Kennedy Stewart's new electoral organization is named—wait for it—"Forward Together".

      And just like the other four politicians mentioned above, it's featured in a video.

      Not only that, Stewart is seen climbing the very same staircase that Robertson went up in his 2014 video.

      You can see it below.

      Video: Forward Together with Kennedy Stewart.

      Imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery.

      Maybe Stewart could bring Crystal Lucas-Perry up to Vancouver to reprise her "Take Us Forward" for the 2022 election campaign. If you watch the video below for the Obama campaign, you'll have to admit that it's pretty catchy! And it does a spectacular job of reaching out to diverse voters.

      Video: Here's one way in which how Obama reached out to young and diverse voters.