Woman arrested for robbing and assaulting 10-year-old girl from Mexico for breakfast money in Vancouver's Chinatown

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      A woman was arrested after allegedly stealing from and assaulting a young newcomer to Canada in Vancouver’s Chinatown—and the victim and her family received an act of kindness afterward.

      Vancouver police said today that a 10-year-old girl was lined up outside a restaurant located in the 200 block of Keefer Street on March 6 so that she could buy breakfast for her family.

      A female suspect allegedly approached her and grabbed her arm before reaching inside her pocket and taking out a $50 bill.

      The girl followed the woman to try and get her money back. However, the woman allegedly elbowed the girl in the face, which made her nose bleed and split her lip.

      Several witnesses called 911, and a bystander intervened to keep the suspect at the scene.

      When officers arrived at the location, they arrested the suspect and took her into custody while also recovering the $50 bill.

      After paramedics treated the victim, her father took her home.

      Officers learned that the family recently arrived in Canada from Mexico and she was buying breakfast for her family because their stove was broken.

      Police organized a collection of funds from other officers in the area and donated over $200 to the family.

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