Douglas P. Welbanks: Donald Trump's trade tirade speaks volumes about the Republican Party

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      Donald Trump’s recent performance at the G7 meeting of world leaders lowers the bar of diplomacy to the very bottom of a political theorist’s imagination. He complained about Russian president Vladimir Putin not being invited, he called the G6 countries "rogues" for taking advantage of the U.S, and he called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dishonest.

      His contempt for non-Americans and his vitriolic attacks on the media, public offices such as the FBI, or anyone who might disagree with any of his outlandish tweets is beginning to rub off on all Republicans.

      Trump is not just one person standing before the world throwing insults and flexing military muscles, but rather a representative of a large and powerful U.S. political party: the Republicans.

      It’s no longer just Trump flying off the handle. It’s the Republican Party as a whole that has egg on its face. Parents at an elementary school would have long ago sent any student displaying this kind of impudent, discourteous, or disrespectful behaviour to the principal’s office.

      Unfortunately, children on both sides of the border watch and hear the leader of the world’s most powerful democracy belittle others, threaten people, punish their trading partners, and hurl falsehoods and allegations at the world without hesitation or accountability.

      When will the Republican Party take responsibility for their creation? When will the Republican Party say enough is enough?

      Trump is the spokesperson for a political system rapidly disintegrating into a forum of gossip, innuendo, self-righteous proclamations, and empty assertions that can only be rescued by truth and honesty.

      Maybe what Canada should do is send the Republican Party a lifeboat and an elementary school principal.

      Douglas P. Welbanks is a former director of debtor assistance and debt collection for the B.C. government and the author of several books, including Unbreakable: The Ujjal Dosanjh Story and Julius Seizure: The Secret World of Bankruptcy, Debt Collection and Student Loans.