Emil Pozniak: April 4, 1958–March 2, 2009

Born in Poland, Emil Pozniak moved to Canada with his family in 1964. Emil was predeceased by his father, Stanislaw, and is survived by his mother, Stefania; his sister, Eugenie; and his brothers Edward (Anna), Jan (Teresa), Stanislaw (Czeslawa), and Kazimierz.

His rambling now over, Dave Watson left us laughing

Tributes continue to pour in for Dave Watson, the Straight's beloved Dot Comment columnist who recently died of cancer. His final days were marked by courage and grace, and this brilliant and humble man will never be forgotten.


Small Talk

I have been working in customer service jobs for years and one of the required skills is ability...


Leopard coat sits with red plaid jacket on...

Was the first real night out in a while and was very flighty with my head swimming in shed...

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