Thank you for inquiring about our Georgia Straight table of contents photo submissions. 
Here you will find both the artistic and technical requirements for your photos.

Send to:

  1. Always horizontal orientation.
  2. Minimum 300DPI. 6"X4"
  3. All of your contact information including phone number and mailing address MUST be in the info box under the file menu in Photoshop and/or in the body of the email. This Must Be Clear.
  4. Timely and original photos please. Such as a subject that suits a particular time of year or event. Any photo which makes us all think.
  5. It must be from Vancouver or surrounding area. Local only please. Please include a description of where the photo was taken, preferably in the file info box-description.
  6. No more than 3 photos at a time. We get many submissions each week and if you send too many at once we won't have time to look at them.