Vancouver-based BroadbandTV’s videos clock over 46.9 billion minutes of watch-time every month

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      Few people know that a Vancouver is home to the third largest video property in the world, behind only Facebook and Google.

      BroadbandTV, or BBTV for short, is a media technology company that specializes in video content. The company began its business by partnering with a vast number of content creators and channels—among them the Huffington Post, ItsLikelyMakeup, and the NBA—to help distribute and monetize videos made by others. Now, the company has expanded to offer a fuller service of creating, distributing, managing, and monetizing online videos, and has added revenue streams like advertising video on demand, subscription video on demand, mobile apps, ecommerce, and licensing.

      That model has helped the company smash its own records while other media technology networks are faltering.

      Today, the company announced reaching a milestone of 575 million unique viewers each month. Only Google posts higher viewership figures in the top 12 countries where it operates, though BBTV has begun to take that market share away from the tech giant. In those 12 nations, BBTV now tallies a viewership number that is 56 percent of Google’s.

      An independent comScore study has now clocked BBTV’s videos at 46.9 billion minutes of monthly watch-time. That number is far in excess of most world-leading platforms, with Disney achieving only 16.9 billion minutes, NBC scoring 10.3 billion minutes, and CBS attracting three billion minutes per month.

      That engagement has created financial success for the company. Between 2014 and 2018, BBTV’s revenue has increased by 927 percent, with a compound annual growth of 79 percent over that period.

      “With unprecedented growth and an unwavering commitment to profitability, we continue to lead our peer group in all key measures, including unique viewers and watch-time,” says Shahrzad Rafati, founder and CEO of the company. “We’re building one of the most successful media technology companies in the world from the West Coast of Canada, and despite all that we have achieved, this is really just the beginning.”

      Among other opportunities, BBTV provides rights management and ownership verification for all sizes of accounts, helps larger organizations strategically upload fan videos to their channels, and offers a range of monetization strategies. It attracts many new influencers and businesses through its ability to connect them with its content creator and brand community, which is one of the largest in the world.

      Today, BBTV operates in 10 languages and 29 countries, and is the leading player in terms of content viewership in the English, Spanish, and Portuguese markets, and is among top three in the French, Arabic, and Russian markets.

      Kate Wilson is the Technology Editor at the Georgia Straight. Follow her on Twitter @KateWilsonSays