Telus chief customer officer announces short-term fix for customers still without email

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      Telus has again apologized for an "unacceptable service disruption" to users of its email service.

      In a statement posted on the corporation's website tonight, chief customer officer Tony Geheran said that those who still don't have access to have a new option.

      They can go through a webmail service, which will connect them to an Internet browser to gain access to email.

      Telus announced on August 17 that more than 90 percent of customers can already reach emails.

      For the remaining customers, the short-term fix will be available while technical staff try to fix the problem. It occurred during an overnight update to servicers on August 15.

      "As a technology company with a rich history in providing excellent customer service, we feel sick about this disruption and are doing everything we can to restore service as quickly as possible," Geheran declared. "Our team has been working nonstop since early Thursday morning and has all hands on deck to make this right.

      "We cannot be hasty or careless, because the last thing we want to do is lose or compromise someone’s precious information," he continued. "Whether a family picture, a sentimental note or a valuable document, we care deeply about protecting our customers and their data."

      A "flawed repair procedure took the email system offline", the message stated.

      "Work is now underway to smoothly integrate the old and new email addresses," Geheran stated. "Once this work is complete and the data is recovered, old messages will be restored to the mailbox and full access will be available.

      "We will continue to communicate updates and timelines as we progress through this process. Our entire leadership team is committed to learning from this experience to augment the strength of our globally-leading networks and ensure our customers never find themselves in this situation again." 

      Tonight's message came after he issued a videotaped apology last night. You can see it below.