North Vancouver RCMP launch webpage for reporting crime online

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      North Vancouver residents now have an online option for reporting crimes.

      North Vancouver RCMP stated in a news release issued on February 6 that they have launched a webpage for reporting crime online.

      The site allows citizens to report minor incidents instead of calling the police.

      Crimes that have taken place in North Vancouver that can be reported include the loss or theft of an item that is worth less than $5,000, or vandalism (to property or vehicles, including hit-and-run) worth less than $5,000 for repairs.

      If there is a witness or suspect, or the lost or stolen items involve personal identity, firearms, license plates, or decals, it cannot be reported online.

      Users can identify the location of an incident on a map, identify the type of incident, and file a report.

      North Vancouver RCMP explained that the measure will help to alleviate officers and resources to focus on priority investigations, proactive initiatives, and community engagement.

      North Vancouver RCMP state that online reports take an average of 15 minutes to complete.

      Other police departments in Metro Vancouver that offer online reporting include Richmond and Surrey RCMP, the Vancouver Police Department, and the New Westminster Police Department.