B.C. company Inno Lifecare wins Health Canada certification for domestically produced N95 masks

It produced a million of them in the first week

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      A Coquitlam based food producer has pivoted from making snacks to N95 surgical respirators.

      Inno Lifecare, a division of Inno Foods, announced today that its masks have been approved for sale in Canada by Health Canada.

      They achieved a "95PFE-L3" rating, which is the "highest level of barrier protection against airborne particles", the company said in a news release.

      According to CEO and founder Jae Park, 95 percent of the components are manufactured in Canada.

      In the first week, it produced a million masks.

      "We have a talented engineering team, and because we are vertically integrated, we can nimbly meet changing demand," Park said. "We are proud that our 95PFE-L3 designated respirators have met rigorous North American standards and will play a role in keeping our courageous frontline workers safe, no matter what the future holds."

      The company has a machine-learning arm that relies on artificial intelligence. Inno Lifecare stated that this is what made the move into N95 respirator production possible.