Earn fast cash by sending your used cellphones and tablets to GoRecell.ca

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      Over the past year, many Canadians have become creative when it comes to building up their bank accounts and organizing their homes. Most people have been working remotely and spending more time indoors so having a clutter-free space is important for one’s productivity and overall well-being.

      If you’ve recently upgraded your Android, iPhone, iPad, or no longer use your tablet, Canadian company GoRecell.ca will send you money in return for your preloved devices. Instead of keeping them in your junk drawer or throwing them in the garbage, the company will buy and resell your used cellphones or tablets. You’ll also avoid the tedious and time-consuming task of trying to market the devices through an online marketplace.

      “Before starting GoRecell.ca, I was always dreading selling my old tech on classified ads as I was wasting a lot of time with tire kickers, no shows, and low-ballers but time is valuable,” says GoRecell founder Stefan Geertsen. “The business was created for that purpose. Simply submit your sale on the website, send in your device, and get paid fast.”

      Since 2013, the professional team at GoRecell has worked hard to prevent unused handheld devices from being dumped into public landfills. The toxic components from the decomposing electronics pollute precious groundwater supplies and poison the local ecosystem.

      “We offer a fair-market price to consumers for the purchase of their old cellphones. It’s truly a ‘win-win’ scenario for both consumers and the environment,” says Geertsen.

      The entire process is quick and simple, and an instant quote can be easily acquired through GoRecell.ca’s . Plus, you won’t have to pay any shipping fees. All you need to do is select your phone's model, condition, and carrier to see the value of your used device. Once this is determined, Go-Recell will send you a prepaid Canada Post expedited shipping label or kit (bubble mailer envelope).

      After you’ve sent in your cellphones or tablets, GoRecell team members will inspect the devices and provide you with reimbursement options. If the company deems your cellphones or tablets to be in better condition than listed, they will even raise its value and send you an updated offer. You will receive your payment via e-transfer, PayPal, or mailed out by cheque, within two business days.

      For business owners or folks with multiple cell phones, the company also buys used devices in bulk.

      In addition to purchasing used cellphones and tablets, GoRecell.ca sells the second-hand devices through its . This is perfect for people who want to avoid spending thousands of dollars on a new device. It’s also environmentally friendly as you’ll save another cellphone from being tossed into the trash.

      For those with privacy concerns, the recycling company wipes all data from the devices before posting them for sale.

      Sell your old devices from the comfort of your home at or buy a certified pre-owned device from a trusted source at . For updates, follow Go-Recell on .