Geek of the Week


Geek of the Week

UBC, SFU use iTunes to distribute lectures to students

Gone are the days when the iPod was just for listening to the latest Britney Spears track. Universities are turning the portable media player into a mobile study device, using the iTunes Store to distribute recorded lectures and lab demonstrations to students.

Elections Canada shows you the money

We won’t know how much cash candidates in this federal election blew on their campaigns until after voting day. But you can look up details on-line of contenders’ expenses and donations from previous races.

Aspen magazine

In the days before computers became a primary means of artistic expression, people had to make do by stretching the media formats they ha

There's nothing like a multifaceted collection of sites built up by the long-term efforts of a single person.



There happens to be a certain point where lusting after an unrealized relationship ruins all...


7 bus writing in your notebook :)

On the 7 bus today around 3 or 4pm. I was sitting in the back wearing my fluffy parka jacket,...

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