Sahil Bloom’s empire reaches millions, and he’s coming to Vancouver to tell you how your business can, too

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      Entrepreneurship is not an easy path. Sure, there are the perks—being your own boss, deciding when to take time off, and running a business around your own schedule. But the road is often long, lonely, and uncertain.

      One person who knows a whole lot about building a successful company is Sahil Bloom. For the first time as a headliner in Vancouver, the famed entrepreneur is coming to the city to tell you his secrets behind scaling businesses, escaping the daily grind, and leveraging frameworks to live a healthier, wealthier life as an entrepreneur.

      You’re invited to Vancouver Tech Journal Live with Sahil Bloom at the Vancouver Playhouse

      Bloom is a writer, entrepreneur, and investor. His work reaches millions of people through social channels and a bi-weekly newsletter, the Curiosity Chronicle.

      As well as his written work, Bloom owns SRB Holdings, a holding company made up of seven cash-flowing businesses. He’s also the managing partner of SRB Ventures, a $10 million venture investment firm committed to funding and accelerating the most compelling startups in the world.

      Prior to launching SRB Ventures in January 2022, Bloom was an early-stage investor in over 40 startups across the technology landscape, including multiple unicorns.

      On November 3, Bloom will join Tiny (and Overstory Media Group, which owns the Straight and Vancouver Tech Journal) co-founder Andrew Wilkinson at the Vancouver Playhouse for an in-depth conversation about how Vancouver entrepreneurs can build their businesses, use tools and lessons to scale up, and achieve that ever-elusive work-life balance.

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