The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle launches just as Electronic Arts reports huge growth in players

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      Green-minded gamers can now come together over one of the world's most popular franchises.

      That's because Maxis, a studio of Electronic Arts, has released The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle, which promotes sustainability via a PC, Mac, PlayStation4, or XBox One.

      According to the video-game giant, this game shows the importance of collaborating with the community to make a positive impact on Evergreen Harbor.

      Sims can generate their own electricity from renewable sources, grow their own food in a vertical garden, and promote the circular economy by upcycling unwanted items.

      "For those who are looking to kick their eco lifestyle up a notch, dumpster diving is a great way to find a TV, a table, a bed and more for newly recycled decor," EA says in a news release.

      The launch of this eco-friendly game comes just as The Sims 4 has attracted more than 2.5 million new players over the past two months.

      At its peak, there have been nearly 10 million people playing Sims 4 each month over the past quarter.

      “Our team at Maxis has always strived to empower our players to freely express themselves in The Sims,” general manager and executive producer Lyndsay Pearson said. “Over the last few months, we’re humbled that The Sims 4 has served as an outlet for so many players. We’ve seen our players recreate friend and family parties, weddings and graduations in our game—so we’re looking forward to seeing what good they do with Eco Lifestyle.”

      The Sims is the most successful PC game franchise of all time. In 2016, it was inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame.