The Tenants app simplifies communication and organization for landlords, building managers, and renters

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      The relationship between a tenant and their building manager or landlord is crucial to both parties’ overall wellbeing. There’s truly nothing worse than your landlord popping by unannounced at 9 a.m. while you’re sipping coffee in your terrycloth robe.

      Without clear and documented communication, the landlord and tenant affiliation can easily become strained. And due to Vancouver’s expensive real estate market, more and more households are choosing to rent instead of own.

      This is why Canada-based software development and , Cansoft Technologies, developed the app. The communication technology platform will be launching both an iOS and Android version later this year.

      “During this pandemic, we’ve experienced many difficulties surrounding communication, management, and resource utilization,” says Kazi Mamun, CEO of Cansoft Technologies. “As a tech company, when we looked into real estate we noticed several challenges that could be resolved by one single application. We developed the Tenants app to make tenancy and tenancy-related business easier.”

      The app is an innovative property management system for landlords and building managers, which also functions as a simple communication platform for tenants. The straightforward chat function is exceedingly convenient during these unprecedented times as people are being encouraged to limit their in-person contact with others.

      Because of the Tenants app, landlords no longer need to visit the property when a renter’s laundry machine stops working—videos and images can also be sent through the platform.

      The Tenants app helps building managers and landlords manage their properties more effectively by:

      • facilitating better communication with tenants;
      • sending push notifications to tenants when rent is due or maintenance is required;
      • managing calendars and appointments;
      • performing fast and easy background checks;
      • and storing important documents and information.
      Cansoft Technologies

      Building managers are often responsible for several rental units depending on the size of the apartment or condominium. This can make it difficult for them to stay on top of renter payments and requests in an organized fashion. The communication platform assists landlords and managers with all the aspects of overseeing both residential and commercial properties.

      But most importantly, the user-friendly app allows all three parties to accomplish what is most important to themselves and to each other.

      Individual tenants are able to pay their rent through the app each month and access the important rental documents when needed. This includes the lease and other signed contracts. Through the app, tenants can easily chat and schedule appointments with their building manager if needed. Instead of relying on the leaflets taped onto the elevator walls, tenants can view building rule changes or updates on the app.

      “Cansoft Technologies listened to the critical stakeholders and developed a revolutionary that can address the essential concerns of each,” says Mamun. “The Tenants app provides all necessary parties with effectiveness, efficiency, and organization.”

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      to learn more about Cansoft Technologies, headquartered in Vancouver.