Vancouver social-media management company Hootsuite buys Sparkcentral to boost SaaS capabilities

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      Software as a Service, a.k.a. SaaS, has taken off during the pandemic, due to its flexibility. It allows users to access data from the cloud from any device that's connected to the Internet.

      This morning, one of Vancouver's leading tech companies announced that it has bought an SaaS provider.

      Hootsuite, a social-media management company, didn't disclose how much it paid for Sparkcentral, which is based in Belgium and New York City.

      According to Hootsuite, "Sparkcentral is a best-in-class social and digital customer care platform" that works with Air Canada, Slack, JetBlue, Axa, and Careem.

      “Our world is digital—social and messaging platforms have increasingly become where people are looking to engage with brands and organizations,” Hootsuite CEO Tom Keiser said in a news release. “Our customers have been asking for more capabilities in the area of social customer care and we’re excited to expand our offering with this new acquisition.” 

      Hootsuite said that this deal will enhance its digital customer engagement through channels such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS, and Chat.

      It described Sparkcentral's core "as an automated message distribution platform, complete with virtual agent functionality for a highly efficient customer care workflow".

      “Brands and organizations must grow their digital capabilities to connect with their customers on the social and messaging platforms their customers use, not the other way around. These customer engagements need to seamlessly connect into the brand and organization’s workflow across all customer-facing departments—marketing, sales, customer support, finance, etc.,” Keiser added. “With Sparkcentral joining Hootsuite, we enable brands of all sizes to create a holistic, agile, and effective experience for their customers.”

      Sparkcentral's former CEO, Christopher Neut, has become vice president of sales at Hootsuite.