Video: Seven productivity apps to help get you through the pandemic

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      Whether you want to learn a new language, find some time to meditate, exercise regularly, or wake up in the morning at the appointed time, there's an app for you.

      In the video below, Media Central's director of video and animation properties, Lucas Renzo Giovannetti, goes over seven of them.

      Media Central owns the Georgia Straight and, as well as NOW Magazine in Toronto, the CannCentral cannabis and psychedelics online magazine, and the recently launched ECentral Sports website.

      The apps in the video include duolingo, which offers speedy language lessons in a gamified form and delivered by talking through the phone.

      Giovannetti also offers insights into the meditation app Headspace. It's being made available for free during the pandemic to kindergarten-to-Grade 12 teachers, school administrators, and school support staff.

      Kiwake is another app that's reviewed—it discourages sleepers from hitting the snooze button on their alarm clocks when they should be getting up for work.

      Then there's Forest, FitOn, Loop, and Serene. Check out the video below to discover what they're all about.

      Video: Here are seven apps that can fulfill anyone's need for self-improvement.
      Lucas Renzo Giovannetti