Matt’s BBQ

4233 N MISSISSIPPI AVE. 503-504-0870

Photo credit: mattsbbqpdx

Fact: Matt’s BBQ has the best smoked brisket and ribs in Portland. There is no second place. At Matt Vicedomini’s dual-smoker barbecue cart—which moved next to North Mississippi Avenue beer bar Prost last year, fortifying that pod’s status as the hottest in town—only the pulled pork can be found better elsewhere. The sliced brisket is the showstopper, with thick, smoky black bark and a texture that usually perfectly straddles the line between moist and sloppy. The ribs are taut, with a peppery crust that yields to the tooth in the most satisfying way. Then there’s the sausage. The links are made in-house, and in a town with a lot of good sausage, the smoky heat of the jalapeño cheddar is peerless. And with “The Whole Shebang for 2,” you can try everything with sides for just $25. That’s insane.

> Martin Cizmar

11 am-7 pm Daily