The Society Hotel

203 NW 3RD AVE. 503-445-0444

Photo credit: thesocietyhotel

The Roof Deck

Part boutique hotel, part hostel, the Society occupies a corner of Old Town still reflecting traces of the neighborhood’s pre-Portlandia seediness. A refurbished 19th century boarding house originally meant to provide lodging for sailors, it sat empty for years before getting repurposed in 2013, and the new owners have made sure to maintain certain historical touches. But the ground-floor cafe, which sits right off the lobby, is pure millennial chic. You can sip a rose petal-infused gin and tonic by the communal fireplace, but you really should heed the advice of the sign behind the counter and ask about the roof deck. An elevator deposits you on the top floor, at a slatted-wood terrace cozy enough to make it feel like you’re at a garden party at your own apartment complex.

> Matthew Singer