The Do’s and Don’ts of Cannabis in Portland

Photo credit: jaynepdx

Welcome to the most interesting place in the world to enjoy cannabis. We stand by the assertion that you’ll find the finest, safest and most trustworthy cannabis in the world here. Whether you intend to smoke it–or not, here’s what to know about recreational Rip City.

DO: Smoke at your house or a friend’s—so long as you’re at least 21years of age and out of public view when you light up.

DON’T: Smoke on the street or at a park. Technically, cannabis can only be consumed within a private residence, but... there is some wiggle room.

DO: Enjoy that wiggle room at one of Portland’s cannabis house parties–from the women-only Tokeativity events, where you can dance, get a tarot reading, and shop local artisans, to Live at HiFi
Farms concerts and the crafty Make & Mary art classes.

DON’T: Forget your ID when you visit a dispensary, even if you don’t intend to buy anything. To see inside, you’ll need state-issued identification or a passport.

DO: Buy something at a dispensary. Oregon has the strictest testing laws in the world, bans the most pesticides, and is home to the cleanest iterations of cannabis’s ideal growing climate.

DON’T: Just walk to the nearest shop. There are over 300 shops in the Portland area—all offering their own unique experiences.

> Lauren Yoshiko