Dave Watson



There's nothing like a multifaceted collection of sites built up by the long-term efforts of a single person.

Take a byte out of high-tech bargains

Recently, while perusing the advertisements and Web sites of a few major electronics retailers, I had several occasions when I was spontaneously moved to declare out loud (even...

It's JerryTime!

It was bound to happen: Now even Web-distributed content can win an Emmy Award–if it's good enough, that is. That's what happened with It's JerryTime! ( www.itsjerrytime.com/ ).

Blah Weblogs morph into useful resources

Summer is here, so it's a good time to look at some Web sites. If you were to leave your computer and go outside, you might discover that you're actually in some kind of huge...

TV shows on DVD

Since the summer television season is turning out to be one of the lamest on record (with the possible exception of Traveler ), maybe it's time to buy or rent some shows from the...