Dave Watson


Mobile monopoly is old news to Canadians

The past few weeks have seen a lot of speculation on which public or private entity would purchase the parent company of the Bell mobile-phone service. Even Telus was in the fray...

Keep your coked-up presets off my stereo

Last week, I talked about how a friend's surround-sound system would stubbornly and persistently revert to stereo playback, leaving three-fifths of the speakers with nothing to do.

Game Innovation Database

There's no question that computer games have been one of the major driving forces behind the last couple of decades of computing, with programmers and hardware developers...

The mystery of the lost surround sound

The other day I was watching a movie at a friend's house (the excellent Mrs. Henderson Presents , starring Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins, if you must know), and she complained that...


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