Gudrun Will


Treasures return from exile

Forty-eight Tsimshian First Nation artifacts, collected in 1863 by the missionary Robert J. Dundas, are revisiting their place of origin, the Northwest Coast. During their long...

The art of adornment

Totems to Turquoise shows why jewellery art plays a shining role in First Nations’ resurgence from the Southwest to the B.C. coast.

MOA gets a modern makeover

By the time the Museum of Anthropology completes its recently announced renewal plans in 2009, it may still be recognizable from the outside but perhaps not inside.

Images of war's ambiguity

After a bomb shattered the small Colombian town of Granada in 2000, it was overrun first by guerrillas, then by paramilitaries. It was just one more chapter in a 40-year armed...