Jacqueline Turner


Sitcom by David McGimpsey

McGimpsey dredges up every TV reference you’ve ever forgotten, and spins them into a Hawaii Five-O libretto immune to limitations of form, content, or even just good taste

There by Roy Miki

By Roy Miki. New Star Books, 96 pp, $21, softcover. Roy Miki’s latest book of poetry, There, examines the here and now, up against the forces of social history that disrupt the...

Before I Wake

First-time novelist and well-known Victoria bookseller Robert Wiersema manages this character-centred narrative adeptly enough to keep you reading through what is clearly any...

The Men

Sometimes a book is funny or intriguing or mysterious, but every once in a while one asks you to notice how you think, changes the way your brain functions. Sometimes a book is...