Adrian Mack

Adrian Mack writes for the Georgia Straight on a number of topics, including music, film, and fascist death cults. He’s also frequently spotted around town playing a 1962 Gretsch round badge three-piece drum kit with a champagne sparkle finish. Adrian is unapologetic about his interest of UFOs, he likes to tease Skeptical Inquirer readers, and he’s a pioneer in the field of naming one of your kids after the drummer in the Clash.


VIFF 2018: Genesis

Note that Quebec’s Philippe Lesage retains the hypnagogic mood of his 2015 feature Les Démons without relying on that film’s overt horrors.

VIFF 2018: At War

Ruthless in exposing the pathologies of corporate culture and the fatuousness of its defenders (and its victim-enablers), Stéphane Brizé’s red-blooded drama is structured as a...

VIFF 2018: One Cut of the Dead

To the delight of their bullying megalomaniac director, the cast and crew of a blood-soaked horror find themselves attacked by real zombies.

VIFF 2018: Clara

In the last three years or so, astronomers have tentatively proposed that the anomalous dimming of Tabby’s Star in the Cygnus constellation might be caused by an “unnatural”...