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If you’re a newbie to African cuisine, take the plunge with these restaurants specializing in Ethiopian and East African fusion dishes. From traditional combo platters featuring favourites like Gored Gored, tender stewed beef in a rich butter sauce and Alicha, a combination of curried vegetables all served on authentic Injera bread to mouth-watering kebabs and creamy prawn curry. So what are you waiting for? Our readers have already narrowed down their top picks.

1st Simba's Grill

825 Denman St.

East African cuisine with halal meat, including lamb and chicken kebabs.

Simba’s Grill

2nd Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant

2149 Commercial Dr.

Ethiopian cuisine featuring lamb stew and vegetarian dishes as well as Ethiopian honey wine.

Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant

3rd Fassil Ethiopian Restaurant

5-736 E. Broadway

Fassil Restaurant was named after King FASSIL, also known as Emperor Fasiladas (reigend 1632-1667). The founder of Gondar was Emperor Fasiladas who, tiring of the pattern of migration that had characterized the lifestyle of so many of his forefathers, moved his... MORE

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