Best Bistro

Back to its Paris roots, a bistro refers to a small restaurant with home-style food enjoyed in a casual setting. Like most dining traditions, Vancouver has adopted this style of eatery as its own and several bistros now dot the city. These are the top three our readers enjoy most.

1st Bistro Wagon Rouge

Various Locations

If French restaurants still get a bad rap for perceived snootiness, Bistro Wagon Rouge is anything but. Headed by chef/owner... MORE

Bistro Wagon

2nd Au Comptoir

Various Locations

French-influenced dishes such as roasted pheasant and pain au chocolat.

Au Comptoir

3rd Jules Casual French Bistro

Various Locations

Lively atmosphere, traditional and authentic hearty fare like cassoulet and moules frites.

Your guide to finding the best spots to eat and drink in Vancouver.