Best Brunch

Once again, our readers have let us know the best that Vancouver has to offer. Our annual survey features winners from all over the Lower Mainland.

1st Medina Cafe

780 Richards

As far as waffle culture goes in Vancouver, Medina Café is an early pioneer. The Mediterranean-inspired eatery has been... MORE

Liege-style waffles with salted caramel and maple syrup dip at Medina CafĂ©.
Medina Cafe

2nd Burdock & Co.

2702 Main

Shareable, small-plate cuisine highlights foraged and organic ingredients.

Burdock & Co.

3rd Sophie's Cosmic Cafe

2095 W. 4th

Garage-sale décor, kid-friendly menu, popular for breakfast. Licensed.

Sophie's Cosmic Cafe

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