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Despite the fact that we are convinced we could survive solely off of cheese, bread and wine there is in fact more to French cuisine than that! We know, what more could we ask? For one, we might ask for baked French onion soup, garlicky escargots or tender beef bourguignon to name a few. To expand your French food horizons, try one of these Vancouver favourites as voted by our readers.

1st Les Faux Bourgeois

Various Locations

An East Vancouver mainstay, Les Faux Bourgeois is located just off Kingsway on 15th.

2nd Le Crocodile

Various Locations

For over 30 years, chef and owner Michel Jacob has created one of Vancouver's most memorable dining experiences, serving up... MORE

Le Crocodile

3rd L'Abattoir

Various Locations

L’Abattoir offers French-inspired West Coast fare with locally sourced ingredients, classic signature cocktails and wines.

Amy Ho

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