Best Latin American

Known for its bold flavours and diverse dishes, Latin American food is so much more than tacos (no offense to tacos, I promise!) think tamales, empanadas and delicious deep fried doughnuts known as churros… Our readers have spoken and these are their favourite Latin American eateries in Vancouver.

1st Cuchillo

Various Locations

Cuchillo is a modern pan-Latin restaurant in the heart of Vancouver, nestled between Gastown & Railtown.

Geoff Simpson

2nd Chicha

Various Locations

Peruvian-inspired dishes such as anticuchos (grilled skewers), ceviche, potato causa, and quinoa salad. Addictive cassava fries... MORE

3rd El Camino's

Various Locations

Latin American street food such as tacos, arepas, and bocadillos,

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