Best New Restaurant

Sometimes we crave the comfort of things we know, while other times we yearn for something fresh and different. Here's the readers' choice of best new restaurant openings in Vancouver.

1st St. Lawrence

269 Powell St.

Operated by the same team behind Ask for Luigi, Pourhouse, Pizzeria Farina, and Joe Pizza, this charming Railtown spot... MORE

St. Lawrence

2nd Chickpea

4298 Main St.

Chickpea's the place to be for delicious plant-based comfort food with a Mediterranean twist. Our innovative dishes are created with love and served by friendly staff in a funky inside-meets-outside setting. Join us for a life-changing meal and help spread some... MORE

Hannah McLean

3rd Fayuca

1009 Hamilton St.

Inspired by flavours from the province of British Columbia, the state of Baja California, and all points in between along the Pacific coastline.

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