Best Pizza By The Slice

When we say it’s been a slice, there’s a reason that the words “heaven” and “pizza” are interchangeable. Universally accepted as the ultimate culinary crowd-pleaser, we hear rumours that pizza may be categorized under its own food group. O.K. we might have made that up, but we can live in hope. For those times that a full pie seems a little too indulgent, here are the best places in Vancouver to enjoy pizza by the slice, as voted by our readers. Don’t say we’re not good to you. And—at risk of sparking controversy—don’t ask for a fork and knife.

1st Uncle Fatih's Pizza

Various locations

Uncle Fatih's Pizza has 9 locations across the lower mainland, offering take out and contactless delivery. Visit to check out our current deals and order online!

2nd Pizza Garden

Various locations

Looking for a quick lunch or family dinner idea, a tasty meal for the company team, or a filling snack at the end of the day, how about a food that is hard to resist? You guessed it! PIZZA!! Our artisan Neapolitan style pizza, fire baked up to 900˚F in a hearth stone... MORE

3rd Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizzeria

701 Kingsway

New York-style thin-crust pizza.

Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizzeria

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