Best Place for Cosmetic Surgery

Once again, our readers have let us know the best that Vancouver has to offer. Our annual survey features winners from all over the Lower Mainland.

1st Skinworks

3578 West 41st Avenue

2nd 8 West Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Skin Clinic

Unit 300–1788 W. Broadway

Voted #1 place for Cosmetic Surgery by the Georgia Straight in 2018. We are Vancouver's premier Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Skin Clinic. Trust our team of plastic surgeons, registered nurses, medical aestheticians, makeup artists and patient care managers. 8 West... MORE


3rd Dr. Benjamin Gelfant

3rd Dr. Matthew Mosher

3rd Dr. Ritchie Younger

3rd Dr. Nancy Van Laeken

3rd Dr. Christopher Pavlou

3rd Dr. Rebecca Nelson

Vancouverites take on what makes our city incredible.