Best Restaurant Atmosphere

Even the most delicious of meals wouldn’t be complete without the right ambiance. Our favourite restaurants buffs, the Georgia Straight readers, have filled us in on their top choices for best restaurant atmosphere in Vancouver.

1st Chambar Restaurant

568 Beatty St.

In a city blessed with an abundance of restaurants, Chambar has earned its place among the best. The food is exceptional, with a commitment to fresh seasonal produce, Belgian themed with North African influence. Experience stunning cocktails, an extensive Belgian... MORE

Jenna Low

2nd Nightingale

1017 W. Hastings

Modern Canadian cuisine highlights fresh crudo and charcuterie, creative house-made pastas, pizzas, crisp salads, and seasonal... MORE

3rd Robba da Matti

1037 Mainland St.

Robba da Matti (formerly known as Yaletown L'Antipasto) is a family-run Italian restaurant that focuses on giving you a true... MORE

Robba da Matti Facebook

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