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Synonymous with a top-notch dining experience is table service that goes above and beyond. Our readers’ have spoken and have let us know which eateries are home to the best service in Vancouver.

1st Hawksworth Restaurant

801 West Georgia St.

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Hawksworth Restaurant embraces contemporary Canadian cuisine with a goal of setting forth a culinary legacy rooted in regional produce that celebrates the cultural diversity of Vancouver. Six-time winner of Vancouver... MORE

2nd AnnaLena Restaurant

1809 West 1st Ave.

Chef Michael Robbins' modern Canadian cuisine with a Pacific Northwest influence. Dishes include artistic plates like bison... MORE


3rd Robba da Matti

1037 Mainland St.

Robba da Matti (formerly known as Yaletown L'Antipasto) is a family-run Italian restaurant that focuses on giving you a true... MORE

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