Best Restaurant To Cure A Hangover

It seems the older we get, the longer those pesky hangovers ail us. A night of indulgence has to be carefully curated so as not hinder the weekends’ adventures; but what to do the morning after a spontaneous round or two of drinks? Quickly, (or very slowly) head over to these spots to cure a hangover.

1st McDonald's

Various locations

Fast-food chain serves hamburgers, sandwiches, fries, and Happy Meals.

2nd What's Up? Hot Dog!

Gourmet burgers and hot dogs made with all-natural Two Rivers beef or Field Roast.

3rd Bon's Off Broadway

2451 Nanaimo St.

While the rest of Vancouver morphs into the new Dubai, Bon’s Off Broadway is there to remind us of saner if less sanitary times.


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