Best Takeout/Delivery

On those evenings when cooking is the last thing we want to do after a long day at work, we’re thankful there is a selection of delicious eateries that offer food for takeout/delivery. From the classics like pizza and Chinese to tacos and pastas—this no-cooking thing is something we could get used to.

1st Virtuous Pie

Various Locations

Virtuous Pie is an elevated fast-casual restaurant serving handcrafted, 100% plant-based pizzas and ice cream, all made in-house

2nd Tacofino

Various Locations

Since its inception, the Tacofino brand has been celebrated for its trademark fusion of sun-dappled, surf-centric spirit and qua

Amy Ho

3rd Connie's Cookhouse

Various Locations

3rd Martini's Restaurant

Various Locations

Your guide to finding the best spots to eat and drink in Vancouver.