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Watch This

Opa, doner, poodles, bread

Underground internet star Flula travels back to his homeland, dances with dogs and his grandfather.

The Yankee cup stack

This is how boring baseball is. That fella is asleep and everyone else is playing attention the guy stacking cups on his head.

The million sluts march

In Toronto people marched to bring awareness that women should be allowed to dress however they please without harm come to them.

The Spa-lami

The alternative meat spa relaxes the customer with a selection of cured meats compresses, hot meatball treatments, and gravy massages.

The diaper dialogues

Two babies have a passionate discussion. One can only assume they are talking about the quality of apple sauce or how long to go without a diaper change.

Radiohead fans anonymous

A support group for Radiohead fans to let you know you are not alone in not liking Amnesiac.


I want a sexy 90s office romance

It was really easy to flirt and romance at the office. Today, it's just an idea that gets...


B from BCAA

Dear B: My mom caught her car over a curb this evening in front of my building so she called BCAA...

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