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Top 6 Best Commercial Deep Fryers in 2024

Deep frying is a prominent cooking method loved by many around the world. It entails the process of warming oil in a pot to deep-fry a variety of food items. Selecting the ideal commercial deep fryer depends largely on your specific needs. For example, if you are in the market for a fryer that provides quick frying or can create small quantities of fried food at once without compromising quality, there is a range of commercial fryers designed precisely to meet these needs.

But before selecting a type of commercial deep fryer, it is important to understand why we use this method and how it can impact our lives positively and negatively. Below we have listed 11 different models of top-rated professional-grade commercial deep fat fryers:

What Is A Commercial Deep Fryer?

A commercial deep fryer is a piece of large kitchen equipment used to fry food in hot oil. It is used by restaurants and other food establishments for frying large amounts of food, such as French fries. Typically the oil is heated over an open flame and passes through a metal mesh basket with the food inside to absorb its flavor and cook it evenly all around.

A commercial deep fryer differs from a home appliance in two ways: firstly, it will have a larger capacity so that you don’t have to wait too long between batches, and secondly, its heating element will be more powerful so that the oil reaches cooking temperature much faster.

Benefits of Using A Commercial Deep Fryer

When cooking at home, you probably use a deep fryer to make your favorite fried foods. The convenience of these appliances is undeniable. If you are not using one, however, there are several reasons why you might want to consider it for your home. Here are some benefits of using a commercial deep fryer.

  • They can cook more food in a single batch: Take restaurant deep fryers, for example. Many of them can hold 5 pounds of food in a single batch. That is enough to feed several people at once. If you make fried foods in your home fryer, you will probably have to do it in batches and cook more than one item at a time.
  • They drain the oil better: Because commercial fryers are much larger, they can hold more oil. This allows them to cook several batches throughout the day without having to drain and replace the cooking oil. Commercial deep fryers also include filtration systems that make cleaning the oil easy.
  • They keep hot foods warm: Another benefit of restaurant deep fryers is that they have hot trays to keep the food warm while waiting on customers. This allows you to serve your fried foods right away instead of having to wait, which can be especially important for restaurants.
  • They are highly customizable: Not only are commercial deep fryers more convenient, but they are also highly customizable. You can buy specialized attachments that allow you to cook just about anything with your fryer. People who use them at home can even remove the baskets and use them more like a traditional pot for making soups, stews, stocks, and more.

Commercial deep fryers are designed to meet the needs of many different kinds of restaurants and other foodservice businesses, making them a great choice for anyone who frequently cooks fried foods. They offer convenience, customization options, and a way to keep your food warm throughout the day.

With all of these benefits, it is easy to see why you might want a commercial deep fryer. If you currently do not have one, consider investing in one for your home. Not only will it help streamline your cooking process, but it can also save you money.

List of 6 Best Commercial Deep Fryers

1. VIVOHOME 20.7 Qt Commercial Electric Deep Fryer

VIVOHOME’s 20.7-Qt Commercial Electric Deep Fryer will provide delicious, tasty food for your family for many years. This fryer can be used for commercial and home use. It has 2x 10.36 qt oil tanks containers and 2x 6.35 Qt removable baskets that can hold any kind of fried food.

Your fried food will taste great with its 2500w heating element in every basin. It’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Its large capacity means that everyone can enjoy deep-fried snacks at home without having to attend any event or meetup.

The best commercial deep fryer comes with a temperature control dial. This allows you to set the temperature to different temperatures (140-374) depending on what you are cooking. VIVOHOME’s deep fryer has an automatic shut-off function that turns it off when it reaches 230 degrees or if the temperature controller is malfunctioning. This high-quality design will ensure that this never happens!

The VIVOHOME 20.7-Quart Commercial Deep Fryer makes frying safe and easy at home. The electric fryer is protected by cool-touch handles and covers. A guard plate is included to ensure even cooking. It can maintain oil temperatures and adjust quickly to different foods. It has non-slip feet that keep you safe every time you fry delicious foods like chips and fries whenever you want.

2. Bayou Classic 700-701 4-Gallon Bayou Fryer Stainless Steel

Bayou Classic 700-701 4-Gallon Bayou Fryer features a stainless steel fryer and height-adjustable legs. The height will make it easy to reach when frying from the top. The V-bottom design allows for easy food placement. This keeps the oil cooler than the top oil temperature so that the batter doesn’t burn and the oil remains cleaner.

Two bowls, a temperature probe for monitoring cooking temperatures, a drain valve to drain out cooked foods, and an extension arm that can be used with fryers of up to 600 lbs.

You will receive two stainless steel baskets, as well as a 10 PSI regulator set to fit a gas line adapter or braided kit.

3. WeChef Commercial Deep Fryer

We all love frying food; it takes only 15 minutes to fry up 3lbs of snacks with this fast deep fryer. With 11.7L large capacity upgraded oil tank features tight sealing, which is perfect for preventing overflows or splatters in your kitchen when using this special deep fryer designed for the average homeowner’s cooking needs, family block parties, and intimate gatherings.

The professional-grade 1500w Countertop Frying appliance will be a great addition to your kitchen and provide years of quality and long-term use featured in attractive stainless steel housing that displays a sleek finish that will become the centerpiece of any home kitchen setting while not taking up too much space.

The ‘WeChef Commercial Deep Fryer’ connects to your wall outlet and features an automatic cutoff for safety measures so that if it reaches too high a temperature, it will automatically power off. Additionally, the stainless steel handles are plastic-coated to ensure that they do not get too hot for handling. It’s simple enough to use with just an on/off switch and a knob where you can set the desired cooking temperature level.

Cleaning up after frying anything has never been this easy. Cleanup is only an issue if you decide to use the fryer over and over again. At that point, it would be best to embrace your cleanup with our helpful deep fryer accessories like the cooking basket, the residue net, the lid cover for boiling oil, and of course, even more, regular but still important features like our drain tap for removing fat!

4. Duxtop Commercial Deep Fryer

You can’t be a fry master without a deep fryer, and the Duxtop Commercial Deep Fryer offers you a frying experience unlike any other. The 8-liter/8.5-quart capacity of this fryer is great for parties or small restaurants and handles up to 3 baskets at once, so you don’t have to keep emptying!

Designed with an easy-to-use cool-touch handle and a wide range of applications such as catering, food service, family gatherings – this single tank electric fryer has high performance and excellent efficiency that will wow your crowd in no time!

It not only does work at a 3000w induction heating element for fast and even cooking times but also features automatic shut-offs in case things get too hot or boiling dry. Adjust the temperature to your liking while you keep tabs on time thanks to the 2000 hour long-life LED digital timer/control panel, which displays exact frying temperatures from 140°F to 380°F conveniently. This deep fryer is ready for anything!

In addition, It comes in commercial-grade stainless steel, and we make the removable baskets dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Professional and fast, your customers will love this high-quality fryer.

5. ALDKitchen Electric Fryer for Commercial Use

The ALDKitchen Double Deep Fryer is the best fitting product for an easy lifestyle. With safety in mind, this fryer contains a circuitry system that prevents overheating up to 356°F/180-200°C with the push of a button while also being fully stainless steel for maximum durability and flexibility. A perfectly deep-fried meal has never been easier than this– just put your ingredients into a bowl or dish, turn on the switch then place it inside of our fryer. And don’t worry about cleaning up afterward either!

This is an excellent product for light commercial kitchens. The fryer has a safety monitor to prevent overheating, which can be reset by pressing the reset button. It also comes with movable heating elements, so it’s easy to clean. You will even have help cleaning your fryer thanks to the removable stainless steel basket and tank! Our customer-friendly return policy ensures that our buyers are always satisfied.

6. TAIMIKO Commercial Deep Fryer

The TAIMIKO Commercial Deep Fryer gives you the best of both worlds: a durable fryer for those high-volume operations and an easy-to-to-clean, quick, and accurate fryer that still won’t burn or warp if your business isn’t as busy. Made with commercial-grade stainless steel, you have amazing durability at a fraction of the cost. With 10L large oil containers and a 6L maximum capacity oil container size, this will be perfect for any operation.

With its deep-fryer basket and reinforced handles, this fryer would be a wise investment to power your next event or function with easy, high-quality food on time.

With an adjustable temperature range of 60~200°c/140°f to 392°f, you can choose the right temperatures according to the needs of different foods. It features state-of-the tech 2000w heating element, which helps fast-food preparation without biomass, saving oil consumption. Thanks to this machine’s cleaning filters system, you can avoid messy frying with easy clean-up time savings!

How To Choose The Best Commercial Deep Fryer

Temperature control

The first thing to consider is the type of temperature control you want. There are two types of thermostat controllers: a manual dial thermostat controller and a computer process controller.

The manual controller is essentially an on/off switch and a temperature setting. A manual controller is a great option if you’re a good fry chef and know the intricacies involved with frying different products.

The process controller is your best option, especially if you have multiple locations. These controllers manage the entire cooking process by automatically detecting the size of the load, bringing temperatures up quickly and accurately, and then lowering the temperature to ensure a perfect cook. They are more expensive, but they are worth it.

Commercial Deep Fryer Types

Open Vat Fryers

These fryers are versatile and can be used for all frying needs. They are ideal for cooking unbaked or lightly breaded food like French fries, chicken wings, and egg rolls. Open-vat refers to the large heating surface in the fryer pot.

These are simple to clean and often more expensive than other fryer pots. A “cold zone” is located at the bottom of a fryer pot. This allows food particles and sediment to settle without affecting the oil’s ability to continue cooking and degrading it. Open-vat fryers tend to have a narrow cold zone. If you fry foods with a lot of bread crumbs or batter, it can quickly fill up.

Tube-type Fryer

Tube fryers are better for heavy breaded items such as chicken, fish, or battered onion rings. Although tube fryers are able to do the same things as open-vat fryers, they are a little more difficult to clean. Special brushes may be needed to clean the tubes and surrounding heating elements.

Flat bottom fryers

Ideal for delicate or special items that float close to the surface, such as tempura, taco shells, and funnel cakes. The flat-bottom fryers have a shallow, flat, and open bottom. Flat-bottom fryers don’t have any sediment zones, which makes them unsuitable for high-volume tasks.

Gas or Electric Deep Fryer

Natural gas or propane flame is used to deep fry. The tubes run through the oil through the heating elements. Gas deep fryers heat up faster than electric deep fryers and are more efficient, despite rising natural gas prices. Gas-heated deep fryers with larger capacities, 40 gallons or more of oil, are almost always used. Gas heat is the best option for larger capacities. It offers both efficiency and faster heat recovery times (see definition below). While these models tend to be less expensive than electric, the setup cost for gas deep fryers is usually higher than that of electric.

An electric heating element is used for frying oil in electric deep fryers. It sits in the fryer pot (the portion of the fryer that holds the oil). Small capacity countertop deep fryers, such as electric deep fryers, can handle small amounts of oil (up to 25 gallons). In this case, electric deep fryers work better and are easier to recover from.

Size & Capacity

You should consider the space available for the fryer as well as the food you intend to fry. Drop-in and countertop fryers are available for those with limited floor space. However, these fryers have limited oil capacity. While most countertop models can be powered by electricity, there are some gas options.

Commercial deep fryers can be purchased in both gas and electricity. They typically offer more options and features than countertop models. They are available in sizes as small as 15 inches but some require larger footprints. These models emit heat so they must be clear of combustible surfaces. Except for ventless models, they will need to be placed under a hood.

The output of a fryer is usually 1.5 to 2 times its oil capacity per hour. A fryer that has a 10-pound oil tank would produce 15 to 20 pounds per hour. Countertop units have smaller oil capacities than full-size models. This means they are not able to cook as many meals as larger models. The oil capacity of countertop fryers ranges from 6 to 47 lbs. Floor models have oil capacities ranging from 15 to 150 lbs and can be integrated into batteries for high-volume frying.

Recovery Time

The time it takes for oil temperatures to reach the ideal cooking temperature after food is submerged in oil. Food will become greasy and wet if this takes too much time. As the food absorbs more oil per cycle, this will impact food and operating costs.

The quicker the oil returns to operational temperature, the more efficient the fryer unit and the shorter the cycle time. A fast recovery time and a short cycle time allow for more food to be processed per hour. The cost per cycle is the trade-off. To reduce the recovery time and increase the cycle times, utility or gas usage may be increased. These trade-offs should be taken into consideration when choosing the commercial deep fryer that is best for your establishment.

For easy comparison, manufacturer specification sheets include the cycle and recovery times for each unit.


The price of floor commercial deep fryers is higher than that of countertop fryers. As the capacity increases, the price of a fryer will go up. It’s worth taking the time to calculate how much food you plan to fry each day. You will have to cook more if you buy a smaller fryer. However, a fryer should be used regularly.


Daily cleaning and filtering are necessary to maintain a commercial deep fryer. You will need to remove all oil from the fryer every couple of weeks for deep cleaning. This will depend on how many meals you cook each day. When deciding between a countertop or floor fryer, consider the cleaning time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I place my deep fryer for optimal cooking results?

A deep fryer can be placed just about anywhere as long as it is at least six inches off the ground. However, for convenience and safety, we recommend placing it on a countertop.

How often should I change my oil in a commercial deep fryer?

You should change your oil every 24 hours. This might be a slightly arbitrary number, but the goal is to keep the oil fresh and contaminant-free and make sure it doesn’t leave any residues on your product like french fries. With time, oil takes on off-flavors and impurities – both of which will affect the flavor of your food – so you want to make sure it’s changed regularly.

How much oil is needed to use in a large commercial deep fryer?

It would be approximately 3-5 gallons of oil.

The amount of oil needed for any deep fryer will depend on the specific requirements of the machine that is being used. One should consult with the manufacturer to find out how much they recommend or how much is typically used with their model.


These are the 11 best commercial deep fryers available on the market today. We have researched and compiled this information to provide you with all that you need to know about these products so that you can find your perfect match without too much hassle! If we missed anything or if there are any questions at all, please let us know in the comments below. Happy shopping!

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