Travis Lupick


In one capacity or another, Travis Lupick has been associated with the newspaper since he was 15 years old. Having joined the Straight's editorial department in 2006, Travis quickly gained a reputation as the office's resident workaholic and hopeless caffeine junkie. Despite his denials, many staff suspected that he often slept at the office.

Over the course of the last decade, Travis has written countless stories about Vancouver’s politics and social movements as they relate to mental health, addiction, and housing affordability. He has a particular interest in where those issues intersect. His other areas of focus include drug-policy reform, police accountability, immigration, and climate change.

In recent years, Travis has been recognized with a Jack Webster Foundation award for excellence in journalism and nominated for awards by the Canadian Association of Journalists and the Association of Alternative Newsmedia.

An avid traveler, Travis has also worked as a journalist in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Malawi, Bhutan, Peru, and Honduras.

You can reach Travis by email at Or you can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, InstagramFlickr and keep up with his blog at