B.C.'s Denny Morrison wins second speed-skating medal in Sochi

The pride of Fort St. John, Denny Morrison, has captured his second speed-skating medal at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The veteran took bronze in the 1,500 metres.

Poland's Zbigniew Brodka won gold at 1:45:00. Dutch skater Koen Verweij won silver after a near dead-heat with Brodka. Morrison wasn't far behind at 1:45:22.

Three days ago, Morrison won silver in the 1,000-metre race after his teammate, Gilmore Junio, stepped aside to give him a spot on the roster.

Just over halfway through the Winter Olympics, Canada has 12 medals at Sochi, including four gold and five silver.

Morrison was also part of a gold-medal-winning team at the Richmond Olympic Oval during the Vancouver Olympics.

But he didn't fare as well in the individual events in Vancouver, coming 13th in the 1,000 metres and ninth in the 1,500 metres.

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