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E.g., Dec 1 2015

Queers & Beers night

Hanna(h?)... You were saving my seat and keeping my cousin company. I was fashionably late. We chatted for a bit over some craft beer samples. You had to dash to pick up your son. You seemed fun and interesting. I'd like to get to know you.

When: Sunday, November, 29 2015

Where: Cobalt Hotel - Queers & Beers Event

B & B Contracting guy

Saw you on the 22 bus around 1:45pm today. You were wearing a B & B Contracting sweater and had nice blue eyes. I have shoulder length brown hair and was wearing a royal blue shirt and grey skirt. You smiled when I got on the bus at Broadway and we kept looking over at each other, smiling. You made my day! I got off at Cornwall & Balsam, but maybe I'll see you again?

When: Monday, November, 30 2015

Where: 22 Bus, Broadway-Kits Beach

Tara at the Odyssey

We met, we danced, we hung out. I lost my wallet and phone. You had to go home and take care of your dogs. I regret not taking you up on the offer to continue the interaction at a later date. If you see this, get in touch!

When: Saturday, November, 28 2015

Where: The Odyssey Nightclub in Vancouver

Pharmacy beauty

Pop...pop... Apparently our initial conversation at the lonsdale clinic/pharmacy (lonsdale and 10th/8th) consisted of bizarre popping sounds we made when you were working amongst a variety of medical supplies. But I remember mostly your energy, your black hair and some of the craziest, beautiful eyes i've ever seen.... Hopefully you remember my 6'1" frame, dark beard and dark jacket that day and can put some meaning in this message... You never know ;)....

When: Monday, November, 23 2015

Where: Family Clinic--Lonsdale Ave North Van

Passing Smiles & Playful Glances Outside the Central Branch Library

We were both crossing the street outside the library, walking towards each other (you on the library side). I was hurrying to get across the street and we exchanged big smiles as I hurried past you. I kept walking, but looked back over my shoulder once on the library side and noticed you looked back at me too. I kept looking back over my shoulder once we were both on opposite sides of the street and noticed you kept looking back at me smiling. We playfully did this about 3-4 times. I have long brown hair, was wearing red pants, a black jacket and burgundy toque. I remember you had dark hair and a black jacket (I think). Anyway, this playful exchange kept me grinning for the rest of the day. I'm a hopeless romantic, and this is a long shot, but I'm kind of hoping you read the Georgia Straight!

When: Sunday, November, 29 2015

Where: VPL Central Branch - Homer & W Georgia intersection

Waiting for the N35 SFU Bus on a cold Saturday night

I was waiting with my sister at the SFU bound N35 stop at Commercial and Hastings Street (~midnight) when I noticed you and exchanged smiles. I'd recognized you as a fellow CAP U student who I used to see randomly last year. Liberal arts Emma, you seem to have a cool personality that I would like to get to know a little better! and if you are reading this, you are even the cooler!

When: Saturday, November, 21 2015

Where: East Bound Commercial and Hastings

Sat. 6pm, Commercial Drive, Falconetti's or Cannibal Cafe

We used to pass by one another on Commercial Drive (between Broadway and 3rd, walking on the East side of the street, you going North, me South towards the train) most mornings around 8am, back in January. We'd nod and sometimes smile... and then my schedule changed. I'm guessing you work somewhere on the Drive. You have dark hair, warm eyes, wear black shirts, a hat, and you walk fast. Once I saw you with a friend of mine - you and I acknowledged one another but didn't talk, and he made a comment about my dress. I saw you today as I was going home, around 6pm - at least I think that was you. You were either at Falconetti's or Cannibal Cafe, sitting at the bar, corner seat, talking to someone. I've been wondering who you are and where to find you...

When: Saturday, November, 28 2015

Where: Falconetti's or Cannibal Cafe, Commercial Drive

Sexy Paramedic

You crossed my path as i exited the change room at forever 21. Me : head to toe black, caramel goddess. you: delicious paramedic uniform. Do you want to kickstart my heart over coffee ?... the morning after ;)

When: Friday, November, 27 2015

Where: Forever 21 Metrotown

Red Toque and Blonde on the 99 Bae-Line @ 11:30am

We were on the B-Line this morning. When the sunlight flashed through the windows and hit your eyes, they shone green and blue. Someone called you. You took out your cell, answered with a voice-cracky "Hello?" (hastily clearing your throat afterwards). I tried not to look at you, but I'm grateful for the I thrilling two seconds of eye contact we made. I was wearing sports leggings, runners, and a backpack. I hurried off at the Cambie stop, and I felt you behind me for a brief bit. Why didn't I say hi? I guess I'll try to ride the 99 Bae-Line on Friday mornings in hopes of running into you again.

When: Friday, November, 27 2015

Where: 99 B-Line

You've got a sweet van

I first noticed the massive safari rack on top and that your van seemed to be sitting higher than stock. The A/T BF Goodrich tires were pretty badass too. Pretty sweet Astro you've got there.

When: Friday, November, 27 2015

Where: Strathcona park


You work at Spank on Commercial Drive. Slim, dark hair, eyes that could turn mountains into dust. You are so wickedly cute. It's a pleasure every time I see you.

When: Thursday, November, 26 2015

Where: Spank Commercial

I found your phone!

And restored your faith in humanity (as you said.). I hope you didn't think I don't want you to have my number, I do! I think you seem really nice and i'd like to have more friends like you.

When: Friday, November, 20 2015

Where: Main Street- Science World.

Teal Truck Showdown

Me turning left on 12th at Main with one female friend in the passenger seat. You heading west on 12th in an identical teal truck. As we turned you waved. Was that wave at us? Lets be friends with super awesome trucks.

When: Sunday, November, 22 2015

Where: Main Street

cauliflower cutie

i don't know if its because you were confident enough to have dinner by yourself or if its because i watch you eat an entire plate of cauliflower with such gusto but i wish i worked up the nerve to talk to you. you were sitting at the bar by yourself and i was a couple of seats away also having dinner by myself. maybe next time we can have dinner together.

When: Tuesday, November, 24 2015

Where: nuba in gastown

Tuesday night @ Alibi Room

I love the Alibi Room! You sat at the next table and we had no interaction but you caught my eye- you had black glasses on, great smile and ate mussels. You were in a party of three - i was hoping you wee their wheeling but it was hard to tell! Next time, you, me, beer, mussels!

When: Tuesday, November, 24 2015

Where: Alibi Room

You're still tanned!

You came into the supplement/health food store where I work looking for something to help your cold. I helped you with a product recommendation. You seemed really nice & cute, and I'd love to hear more about your recent trip!

When: Tuesday, November, 24 2015


we met

and chatted briefly at the culture crawl. You make music. I make music. I'd love to continue that conversation. new tab

When: Saturday, November, 21 2015

Where: Culture Crawl

I will eat liver everyday

We met to talk about the nonsense that goes along with riding on 8 wheels. I didn't care. I just wanted an excuse to talk to you. Our legs touched and neither of us moved. I somehow managed to tell you about my crush on you and your blue pants. I left. You ran out to hug me. I watched you from my car. I am a shy jerk. But that was the cutest thing ever. Meet me there again? I promise I won't just watch you this time.

When: Monday, January, 19 2015

Where: Lucy's Diner

Skytrain traveling into downtown

I got on at Joyce and you were standing on the other side of the train next to the doors. I noticed you right away as you noticed me too... We tried not to stare at the other but we busted each other a few times. I was wearing brown RayBans with a black jacket facing your direction. You are a caucassion brunette with curled hair, were wearing all black and you got off the train at Stadium. Can I take you out for a drink?

When: Tuesday, November, 24 2015

Where: Skytrain westbound Joyce/Stadium

You were walking your dog this morning in Grays park.

Hello! You have an adorable black dog and I stopped you to say hello to it. You have a fantastic smile and it was a really great way to start my morning. I would've chatted you up but I was in a rush to catch my bus. I saw you look back! I would totally go out for coffee with you. Are you single?

When: Monday, November, 23 2015


Climbing in Squamish

I think your name is Steven? Saw you climbing at Octopus Garden with a girl I was acquainted with. We talked briefly... I have long dark hair and we were wearing the same sportivas. You gave me beta on a mossy route. Anyway, I wasn't sure if you were on a date with that person, or if you're dating anybody at all. But you seem pretty mellow and I like that. Maybe I'll hear from you?

When: Saturday, October, 24 2015

Where: Octopus Garder Squamish

dirty chai latte

Stopped by to grab a coffee and you were in front of me in the line up. You talked to me about the drink you were getting, and it sounded good af, so I got it too, and let me tell ya, its a new favourite. Wanted to tell you that you're really good looking and funny, and I hope to see you here again!!

When: Sunday, November, 22 2015

Where: Milano coffee roasters


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