Purple Olive Grill replaces ensemble restaurant at tricky Thurlow Street location

Perhaps a large menu with dishes no more than $16 will be the key to success for one of Vancouver’s toughest restaurant spaces. Purple Olive Grill (850 Thurlow Street) opens today (November 1) in a location that has seen several restaurants fail over the past few years—most recently, Dale MacKay’s ensemble.

Purple Olive Grill, which states “You will see that good food does not have to be expensive” on its website, lists nearly 50 dishes on its menu. Starters and sharing plates ($3.95 to $10.95) include traditional pub fare such as chicken wings, potato skins, chicken strips, nachos, soups, and salads. Sandwiches and burgers ($5.95 to $11.95) are all served alongside roasted potatoes and salad, while pasta dishes ($7.95 to $10.95) come with a choice of chicken or prawns and include a side of garlic bread.

Entrées ($11.95 to $15.95) range from Greek-inspired chicken souvlaki and garlic prawns served with rice, potatoes, and pita bread, to Cajun-spiced salmon, and barbeque ribs. Daily specials are surprisingly affordable, at just $5.95 for lunch, starting at $7.95 for dinner, and starting at $4.95 for late-night bites, which are available from 9 p.m. to midnight.

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It it is tricky location, then why do they keep opening new restaurants there. It is like throwing money away.
Rating: -18
Kerosene Lantern
Somebody should open an Amsterdam style, cannabis cafe in that location. That would make money and draw tourists.

Unfortunately it would be quickly shut down by our "free enterprise party" government officials.
Rating: 0
The problem with the last three problems was the menu (as a resident in the area). The restaurant before The Corner Suite Bistro was an expensive french restaurant, and the decor made it look closed half the time, not very inviting.

The Corner Suite I had looked forward to many months with the delayed opening only to be disappointed by the expensive and maybe even snobbish menu.

Ensemble was more of the same similar to The Corner Suite, just with Dale's fame attracting people over.

You can't have food that sophisticated in a location like that with those prices...
Rating: -4
Richard Roe
@Kerosene Lantern

Brilliant idea! The west end and the downtown core, not just the east side outskirts, need more smoke-friendly establishments.
Rating: -7
Plum Duff
Now THOSE are real-world prices. Gotta check this out...
Rating: -5
John Francois
I can't wait to try out this place - menu looks great. In fact, I might just go there for lunch today.
Rating: +345
They have a website now: http://purpleolivegrill.com/
Rating: +4
with prices like that, they'll need to get a bike lane running by in order to make any money.
Rating: -4
Pretty decent restaurant, that's all I have to say.
I tried the steak, and it was pretty tasty.

Rating: -1
decent ny steak/prawns, great drink specials..trying the ribs next time.
Rating: +12
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