Set: local cafe or restaraunt Staff: hello how can I help you today Me: hi do you have anything vegan Staff: uuuuhh the ------is gluter free Me:
First off, never use a toy in the butt and then go straight into vaginal play.

Cyclist in Red, Thank you!

Crashed into you when you had the right of way, knocking us both off of our bikes. You couldn't have been more kind: Not only picking me up off of the busy road and asking me whether I was alright, but hooking my chain back up and righting my handlebar then watching as I made a trial run before you cycled off into the sunny morning. Sorry, was too jingle-jangled to ask you your name and thank you properly. So, Thank you most gracious man with some sort of European accent! I hope you see this and know that your kindness made my day. If you don't, at least others may learn that there are lovely people like you out in the world. Sorry, again, for wiping you out!
2012-11-07 08:00:00
Cambie and 10th Avenue
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