Your horoscope for February 6 to 12, 2014


Mercury begins retrograde at 1:43 p.m. on Thursday. Newly into Pisces, the messenger planet makes only a short visit to this sign. By next Wednesday evening, Mercury will backtrack into Aquarius, where it will finish out the retrograde cycle.


While in Pisces, Mercury retrograde keeps the potential and the uncertainty alive. When the sign of the two fish is emphasized, all is possible, nothing is probable. Put extra safeguards and provisions in place. It can be easy to mess up, misread, lose track, or lose sight. On a positive note, the next few weeks are an ideal time to revisit, reconnect, and revise.

Mercury correlates to games, and Pisces correlates to mass consciousness. Despite the low atten­dance, the world will be tuned in to the Sochi Winter Olympics, starting Friday (February 7). A destiny moment has arrived.

Mercury travelling through Pisces is also likely to stir up the debate regarding oil and pipelines. Speaking of the Mercury retrograde tendency to slip one by us, the federal government has chosen the sun-square-Saturn aspect on Tuesday to announce the new budget. While it may not contain much that surprises us, have they deliberately chosen a distraction moment? Who knows, but it’s a coincidence that seems to be repeated often. Perhaps the government has an astrologer onboard? More often than not, Mercury retrograde is a time when advantage can be found in falling back on what has worked for you previously.

March 20 - April 19

You have more going for you than you realize. There’s also more on brew than is evident. For the moment, there’s nothing extra for you to do but allow things to unfold of their own accord. Through the weekend, keep open and feel your way along. By Monday evening and over Tuesday’s push/pull, life picks up a lot more spark and speed.

April 19 - May 20

A new path or doorway could be opening. Although it looks appealing and/or lucrative, Mercury now turns retrograde. You’ll have to do more research and put in more time before you’ll know what’s really there for you. Mercury retrograde can put you back in the game or pull you back into something that needs further processing or development. Next week speeds you along.

May 20 - June 21

Ditch the schedule, pressure, or rules. Hang loose through the weekend and allow Mercury retrograde to adjust the sails. By Monday evening, you’ll feel the energy start to percolate. Something unexpected could do the trick. Tuesday gets things moving in another direction. Mercury’s backtrack into social and liberating Aquarius, starting late Wednesday, can feel like a breath of fresh air.

June 21 - July 22

Even though Mercury in Pisces turns retrograde now, you should find life on a smooth roll through the start of next week, and that you are better able to let go and unwind. Next Monday/Tuesday, the transiting Cancer moon provides a fresh refuel. By midweek, a sense of anticipation or urgency can build. Look to the end of next week for opportunity or revelation.

July 22 - August 22

If you find yourself frittering away more time and money than you usually do, you can blame Mercury retrograde in Pisces. This influence can also make you more susceptible to suggestion, so know that you can be easily swayed or sold. Pump up on vitamins. Of course, no one will complain when your sweet or romantic side gets the better of you.

August 22 - September 22

You can be disarmed, more open, impressionable, or easily wooed as Mercury retrograde winds its way through Pisces. There’s folly in projection and letting your imagination get carried away. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Mercury retrograde also finds you picking up more easily on the moods and thoughts of others, whether they’re standing in the room or not.

September 22 - October 23

Simplify as best you can. If you aren’t sure who to believe or which is your better pick, wait for more clarity. Your days may run smoother, but Mercury’s retrograde cycle can also make it easy to lose sight or lose track. If you’ve missed something or someone, it won’t be for long. Life fires up as of mid next week.

October 23 - November 22

At a loss or lost no longer, Mercury retrograde puts you back in touch with what’s most impor­tant to you. It can also rekindle your passion or creativity. A project, an ambition, or a relationship is also up for a reboot. Sunday/Monday, you’re on a roll. Tuesday/Wednesday moves you in a new direction. You could make a surprise connection or breakthrough.

November 21 - December 21

Uncertainty can prevail while Mercury retrograde tours Pisces. You may feel you can’t get through to someone or that you can’t piece it together for yourself. Emotional or real, an undercurrent of pressure or need grows. Chill out; let it ride through the weekend. The stars open things up for you early next week: Mercury’s revisit to Aquarius on Tuesday provides a better opportunity.

December 21 - January 19

Ease up on the throttle as best you can. Noting that Mercury has just started retrograde, you probably won’t accomplish what you set out to do. Skip the unnecessary and take the weekend off. On Monday, the flow is good. By Tuesday, you should feel like things are shaping up, that you’ve surpassed a test or hurdle.

January 20 - February 18

Something lucrative or timely is on brew. While Mercury begins retrograde in Pisces, it’s not the time to push but to allow for things to shape up. There may be something to relinquish, or you may have to revise an expectation or a goal; this can kick-start for you late Monday. Tuesday onward gets the show on the road.

February 18 - March 20

It’s time for a personal regroup and review. On a very brief visit to Pisces, Mercury’s turn to retrograde on Thursday calls for you to back up too. Listen more closely to your intuition and your body. The clues are all there. Mercury’s transit strengthens, refortifies, and revitalizes you. Monday/Tuesday, go by feel; you’ll nail it.

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