Book Choice of the Week

Lots of people dream about dumping their day jobs and setting out on some wildly successful artistic career.
The annual event continues to grow, with organizers assembling the largest roster yet.
The Vancouver-based short-story writer and satirist has done what he can to hang back in the shadows.
Her popular stories for young readers specialize in historical Canadian settings.
These four writers of horror and suspense have the psychological skills to set the uncanny and ghoulish loose in the ordinary world.
Her latest collection often speaks dialects of technology, but only to express the most heartfelt emotions.
She’ll be here for the Canadian launch of For Today I Am a Boy, set for the WISE Hall on January 18.
Since you probably need to hit the liquor store anyway for holiday provisions, pick up a bottle or two of local craft beer while you’re at it to give with the book.
Those who grew up eating at White Spot will enjoy the nostalgic photos and recipes for dishes like curied chicken and broccoli casserole