Style Features

Advanced Style has enough leopard-print fabric, oversized sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, and chunky jewellery to sink Manhattan into the Hudson River.
“I like to call it consumerism at its best,” says Marc Herman, director of the Canadian branch of the 1:Face Watch social enterprise.
The sale, founded by a group of artists back in 2003, puts quality first, and this year’s fresh selection is no different.
Few events in the city offer as much in the handmade, one-of-a-kind way as the Make It! craft fair.
From cozy blankets to fresh fragrances, antique cufflinks and vegan lip balm—we have you covered for fashion and beauty gifts this winter.
The organizers of Other want you to slo-o-ow down.
This year, Etsy has renewed its focus on the Canadian market, specifically Vancouver.
The chilly season has come to Vancouver with a one-two punch of torrential downpours and shortened daylight hours.
Now that your jack-o’-lanterns are safely stowed away in the compost bin, it’s time to get ready for the first big holiday craft fair of the season.
Being a purpose-driven product, DU/ER has also given its creators the chance to experiment.