Style Features

This year, Etsy has renewed its focus on the Canadian market, specifically Vancouver.
The chilly season has come to Vancouver with a one-two punch of torrential downpours and shortened daylight hours.
Now that your jack-o’-lanterns are safely stowed away in the compost bin, it’s time to get ready for the first big holiday craft fair of the season.
Being a purpose-driven product, DU/ER has also given its creators the chance to experiment.
Jennifer Croll’s new book is one of the rare style histories that survey why we wear what we do, right up to modern times.
The idea of bringing together three urban cultures became the guiding force for what may be the shop’s most exciting collection yet.
This year's Style in Film series offers a colourful lineup of fashion-forward filmmaking.
One of the world’s leading retailers of outdoor clothing and equipment, Patagonia also has an impressive environmental record.
Anine Bing is the kind of person that you either want to be or be best friends with, and hers is undoubtedly the name that you need in your closet this fall.
Free People may have its roots on the East Coast, but its laid-back, bohemian looks seem custom-made for the West Coast.