Style Features

Imagine everything from ceramics to jewellery laid out against a panoramic backdrop of Burrard Inlet and the North Shore mountains.
Designer Katie Quinn's label is not yoga wear that is worn on the street, but street wear that can be worn to yoga.
As you might expect, the evolution of the swimsuit is directly related to the use of decreasing amounts of fabric.
If something doesn’t tie into a bow, can it be called a bow tie?
When you think of rubber, fashion accessories probably don’t come to mind, but an up-and-coming designer is hoping to change that.
Finally being able to assuage the years of accumulated eco-guilt has been a huge relief.
Finding the right swimsuit for such sunny pursuits shouldn’t be as hard as getting in shape to wear it in the first place.
A Trace of Grey Designs is a breath of fresh air.
This year, Brooks kicked it free-style with many of her designs.
The Yaletown boutique remains on the radar of many a stylist, thanks to its stylish selection of gifts and apparel and support of local designers.