In Vancouver, comic Tom Segura feels right at home

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      Tom Segura is no stranger to Vancouver. The L.A.–based standup first played here in 2009, when he opened for Jay Mohr at the River Rock Show Theatre. He returned later that year to headline the Comedy MIX and has been an annual visitor ever since.

      “It’s always been one of my favourite spots,” he says on the phone from Cleveland. “A lot of times, you land in a city and you’re like, ‘This is not my people.’ I’m gonna do the show but you don’t feel like this is for you. And then some places you just go and just fall into a groove and you’re like, ‘This feels right.’ Vancouver’s like that. Vancouver just feels comfortable to me. And the club is fantastic, man.”

      Segura’s back at the MIX this weekend. His wife, Christina Pazsitzky, is also a headlining comic, a regular panellist on Chelsea Lately, and cohosts with Segura their popular podcast, Your Mom’s House. Pazsitzky was going to join Segura on this trip, coheadline with him at the club, and record a live episode of their podcast, but she had to cancel. So Segura is going it alone.

      “She’s heard me talk about the club for years, and the city,” he says.

      As headliners, it’s not often they find themselves working in the same city. But with the success of their podcast, they’re able to hit the road with live shows every so often. This was to be their first one on foreign soil. (Pazsitzky is from Windsor, Ontario, but started her standup career in Los Angeles.)

      Because of their time apart, it makes working together as a married couple easier.

      “We’re both on the road so much and we’re both separate when we’re on the road, so we really have a different dynamic than most people,” says Segura. “Because, when we’re together, it’s less than most couples are together, so it’s kind of fun for us.”

      Make no mistake, though, this is no family act. Nor is their material necessarily family-friendly, as you might guess if you’ve heard their podcast, where they’re not averse to gleefully talking about taking dumps and things related to it.

      But there’s more to their act than that. “I think we’re both pretty honest comics on-stage,” he says. “But we have different experiences, different lives, really.”

      Segura’s got a couple of great CDs to his name (Thrilled and White Girls With Cornrows) and a Netflix special (Completely Normal ). He insists there’ll be new material this weekend, but that doesn’t mean you won’t hear some of his greatest hits. “That’s kind of the way I build a new hour,” he says. “You drop stuff as you’re building stuff and eventually it’s completely new.” He figures he turns over the material completely every 18 to 24 months, unlike superhuman comics such as Louis C.K. who develop a new hour every year.

      “The guys that do it every year, it’s like, well, go fuck yourself, you know?” 

      Tom Segura is at the Comedy MIX Thursday through Saturday (May 1 to 3) and tapes a live episode of Your Mom’s House at the MIX on Wednesday (April 30).