Arts Features

Marion Webber approaches her fine art with communicative exploration and healing.
The VSO screens the first vampire film with its original music, but Gillian Anderson says conducting it is like “flying without wires”.
Spanish dancer Joaquín Grilo will perform at the 2014 edition of the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival.
That Corey Hamm and Nicole Ge Li are onto something is evident from the fact that their fledgling Piano and Erhu Project, aka PEP.
One thing that helps make Saint Joan remarkably fresh, even 90 years after its London debut, is that Shaw’s script offers no easy answers.
Theatre in the Raw is launching The Raymur Mothers—They Wouldn’t Take No for an Answer as part of the Downtown Eastside’s annual Heart of the City festival.
In many ways, being an artist was a peculiar path for Hastie.
Order of Canada inductee Denise Clarke takes audiences along on real-life cheering-up program.
Before veteran Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin entered his artistic residency at CERN, he was what you might call science-averse.
In its Vancouver Recital Society debut, the Danish String Quartet boasts best friends unafraid to take risks and tackle taxing works.