Arts Features

A Czechoslovakia-born Canadian, Zoltan Kapus spends his days crafting fine metal work for the interiors of prestigous Vancouver households.
Puppetry isn’t one of the indigenous arts of Taiwan, but the art form has flourished there.
Recently moved back here from the dance hotbed of Europe, Lesley Telford stages a piece about chance on the Queen E. stage.
Few people have done more to raise the profile of South Asian classical dance in this city than Jai Govinda.
Although he identifies as a beta male, Carlone is clearly a confident—and productive—guy who is building a solid career out of exploring low status.
Klingberg has made a fascinating practice out of reconfiguring the banal and the local into patterns that suggest the mystical and cosmological.
Marion Webber approaches her fine art with communicative exploration and healing.
The VSO screens the first vampire film with its original music, but Gillian Anderson says conducting it is like “flying without wires”.
Spanish dancer Joaquín Grilo will perform at the 2014 edition of the Vancouver International Flamenco Festival.
That Corey Hamm and Nicole Ge Li are onto something is evident from the fact that their fledgling Piano and Erhu Project, aka PEP.