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Conceived by Naveen Girn and Manjot Bains, the show will bring together South Asian artists engaging in increasingly popular forms of cultural expression.
In its North American debut at Chutzpah, Maria Kong surrounds viewers with movement, electric guitars, and multimedia art.
This has been one of the warmest winters on record, so don’t try to use the temperature outside as an excuse.
Every year, we try to help our readers escape the winter blahs with a comprehensive look at what’s happening around town in the early part of the calendar, when the sun isn’t shining.
Of all the projects Meyer has embraced, perhaps none of his work is more famous (or seen) than Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.
Fans of the CBC sitcom Mr. D know the story: standup comic Gerry Dee created the show based on his 10 years in the trenches teaching high school.
Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical opens on January 30 at Vancouver’s Rio Theatre.
In Motherload, each of the performers shares a core story.
It all has veteran actor Nicola Cavendish, who plays the wife, Lilly, thinking hard about those who spend cold nights on the street.
Things have not been the same for the Japanese percussion ensemble best known for its taiko drumming since Tamasaburō Bandō became its artistic director in 2012.