Arts Features

Liza Visagie's perspective on painting pairs artistic expression and exploration, with a touch of “controlled madness”.
In the ambitious 20.20.20, Dancers Dancing brings Vancouver, and its intersections, to vivid new life.
Talking to Ronnie Burkett is a bit like chatting with God: you get to find out how he creates life.
You can’t always hear Tajikistan in Farangis Nurulla-Khoja’s music, but it’s there.
From Rationing to Ravishing traces a time of deprivation and darkness that nonetheless granted some women more liberty than they had ever known.
Ah, Canadian show biz! Where else can you be a regular on a prime-time network sitcom as well as a regular transit rider?
Mixed media artist Nadine Stefan carries herself with a sense of playfulness and freedom.
If Marina Hasselberg had listened to her friends, she wouldn’t be here today.
Nicole Ge Li claims that she didn’t choose the erhu. Instead, the erhu chose her.
If you’ve never encountered Corey Bulpitt’s fusion practice, imagine classical Haida forms and designs mated with the street art of hip-hop culture.