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The work, performed with special rigging, finds the dancers moving both vertically and horizontally amid the trees in what turns out to be a strong visual metaphor for communing with nature.
Celebrated artists Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, aka OSGEMEOS, are painting their largest-ever public mural on Granville Island
Vancouver's notoriously challenging art market hasn't brought Briggs down.
This year’s Korean Cultural Heritage Festival takes place at Swangard Stadium on August 16.
The new Gateway Pacific Theatre Festival has an ambitious plan to bring in and develop Cantonese and Mandarin works
Since moving here from Vancouver Island in the late 1980s, artist Ross den Otter has always lived or worked within two blocks of Hastings or Main Street.
It’s taken six decades for Barbara Pentland and Dorothy Livesay’s The Lake to find a home—and now that it has, no more appropriate venue could be desired.
Mixed media and graffiti artist L.J. Throstle captures attention with her whole-hearted magnetism
Although India Live offers something for pretty much everyone, it’s clear that music is the main attraction.
With its staging of Il Trionfo del Tempo, the Vancouver Early Music Festival shows the composer at his most virtuosic and profound.