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In many ways, being an artist was a peculiar path for Hastie.
Order of Canada inductee Denise Clarke takes audiences along on real-life cheering-up program.
Before veteran Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin entered his artistic residency at CERN, he was what you might call science-averse.
In its Vancouver Recital Society debut, the Danish String Quartet boasts best friends unafraid to take risks and tackle taxing works.
They’re life partners as well as creative collaborators, but it’s not often that composer and media artist John Oswald and dancer-choreographer Holly Small get to work together.
Layered beneath commercial and acrylic paints, mixed-media artist Anne Sargent processes her style, as “figurative abstractions that are non-narrative, personal, but not autobiographical”.
There’s a very good chance that this impeccably programmed event will change your way of looking at sound, or even your life.
The artistic team at Vancouver Opera is travelling to some dark and difficult places to bring the ambitious new Stickboy to life.
The successful actor, stunt performer, fight director, teacher, and father of two says that working on the show has been bringing back moments from his own traumatic childhood growing up in Prince George.
It couldn’t be more timely.