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Spanish choreographer Cayetano Soto headed to Munich to hone his craft; now he travels the world, and has a new work for Ballet B.C.
In her newest script, playwright Judith Thompson picks up the story of a lonely death.
If Tracy Letts' site-specific play feels a tad too intimate and claustrophobic—well, that’s kind of the idea.
With its unique setup of stage veterans leading amateur talent in the shows, it’s also spawned many local acting and stage professionals.
Michael Healey’s controversial Proud finally sees its local debut, with a heavily fictionalized take on the Harper Conservatives.
The piece by the Latvian composer will be performed by Chor Leoni and the Elektra Women’s Choir in time for Easter.
An East Vancouver festival hopes to bring people together through the power of verbal expression.
Don’t misunderstand. Callen is still not above doing dick jokes on-stage. But they’re dick jokes with a world-view.
Amsterdam’s Emio Greco drew on his own father’s boxing days and a classic Italian film for the power-punching Rocco.
The Quebec City octet performs songs Kurt Weill wrote with playwright Bertolt Brecht on a set that resembles a postapocalyptic thrift store.