PuSh Festival

Conceived by Naveen Girn and Manjot Bains, the show will bring together South Asian artists engaging in increasingly popular forms of cultural expression.
In the most farcical way possible, Dark Matter takes on big questions of quantum physics.
Expect to hear more from these innovators.
The Playhouse audience didn’t just stand up with synchronized spontaneity at the closing bell of Séquence 8—it erupted.
The result is a show that’s as strange as it is mesmerizing.
Magic shows are better when magicians do them.
A rock star before rock stars were invented, Jack London committed to the idea of living fast and dying relatively young.
Belgium is not just a famous exporter of del­icious chocolate and beer.
Iva Bittová doesn’t always make sense, and she’s fine with that.
After stints at big companies, the artists behind Séquence 8 wanted to create more intimate, emotional shows—and the idea worked.