Theatre Reviews

The Normal Heart has always been an odd vehicle but, 29 year after its premiere, there’s no denying its power.
Watching Legally Blonde, I kept finding myself laughing out loud in sheer delight.
They make a decent stab at it. And if you’re familiar with John Webster’s Jacobean tragedy, The Duchess of Malfi, you’ll know that it’s all about the stabbing.
Director Sarah Rodgers’s production is as handsome as can be.
Moments in this production of Cymbeline made me so happy that I wanted to cheer.
Under Matthew Bissett’s direction, the production standards in this non-Equity mounting are very, very high.
Bill Cain's play is meant to be about how artists attempt to tell the truth in difficult circumstances.
Gruesome Playground Injuries feels more like a dramatic device than a fully fledged play.
Experience this production of The Tempest for yourself, because all of the things I’m about to say can only approximate how good it is.
All Good Things is so slight that it almost feels like it was written in pencil and then erased.